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A macro shot of a spruce carpet

Getting rid of Moths

Why is it important to get rid of moths in your home?

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Abal Environmental's Moth Control Treatments


If you start noticing holes in your clothes or carpets, this may be a sign that you have a problem with moths in your home.

Carpet/clothes moths are a common problem in London, and it is important to get rid of them before they damage items in your home.

These moths can be a big problem for clothing stores, as a moth infestation can cause serious damage to stock.

Image by Zui Hoang

Signs of

Clothes Moths

Clothes moths can cause significant damage to your clothing, carpets, curtains, and any other fabric that you may have in your home.

Signs of clothes moths:

  • Damage to clothes, carpets, or curtains.

  • Small, maggot-like larvae.

  • Silk cocoons from which the adult moths emerge.

  • Adult moths that tend to crawl rather than fly.

signs of moths
A beautiful Common Carpet Moth, Epirrhoe



Moth Treatment

1. Inspection

One of our experienced technicians will complete a thorough inspection of key activity areas.

2. Treatment

An appropriate treatment for moths will be carried out across multiple visits.

An insecticide will be sprayed on all affected areas.

3. Assessment

The infestation will be monitored and reassessed on each visit. 

Alternative moth control methods can be used to manage persistent cases.

4. Prevention

We can use pheromone lures to monitor activity levels of clothes moths. This allows us to control moth problems before they can cause much damage.

This is particularly useful in retail stores.

moth treatment


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