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Signs of a mouse problem

Common signs of a mouse infestation

Getting rid of mice

Why is it important to get rid of mice in your home?

fast and effective mouse control

Abal Environmental's Mouse Control Treatments


Mice are a very common problem for London homes and businesses. 

Mice can carry disease and cause significant damage to your home, meaning controlling mouse problems is crucial.

We offer fast and effective treatments to exterminate mice from homes across London.

signs of mice
mice importance


Treating mice infestations is absolutely essential to ensure the health and safety of your household.

There are a variety of risks associated with mouse problems in the home, and an effective treatment from a pest control company is the best way to avoid these risks.


Diseases caused by mice

Having mice inside your home makes you more vulnerable to contracting diseases, including the hantavirus, which is a potentially life-threatening disease contracted form the exposure to rodents' urine and droppings.

Other diseases caused by mice:

  • Weil's disease

  • Tularemia

  • Leptospirosis


damage caused by mice

Mice are constantly gnawing and gathering nesting materials. This means they can do some serious damage to your home.

Insulation, piping, doors, and floorboards are all commonly damaged by mice.

Mice can sometimes chew through electrical wires, meaning having mice in your home can be a significant fire hazard.


food contamination

Mice are attracted to food sources, which is why infestations are often found in kitchens.


The diseases they carry can contaminate food you keep in your kitchen, as well as food preparation surfaces.


Rodents are the main cause of salmonella in humans. 



Mice will gnaw at pretty much anything. If you find items or materials in your home that have been chewed on, and you don't have a pet, then it's likely caused by a mouse or rat.

smell of urine

In some severe infestations, mice can leave an ammonia-like smell from build up of urine.


A mouse infestation is often accompanied by noises in the walls, floors, or ceilings.


Mice can easily find their way into cavity areas throughout your home, meaning you might hear some scratching as they travel through the house.


Mice are known to tear up soft materials to create nesting. 

These materials may include newspapers, food wrappers, and insulation.


If you have a mice infestation, you may find nesting materials where mice are likely to reside, e.g. in or under kitchen units.

where to check for mice

  • Kitchens - inside/under kitchen units - behind plinth boards - behind appliances.

  • Bathrooms - behind bath panels.

  • Basements

  • Loft spaces

Mice can squeeze through holes the width of a pencil, meaning they can get anywhere inside your home.

These are the most common places you could find mice in your home:

smear marks

Smear marks are black, greasy smudges left by mice as they move. 

Mice tend to leave these marks on walls, floors, or skirtings where they are frequently moving passed.


Mice droppings tend to be very dark in colour , and they tend to resemble the size and shape of a grain of rice.

mice treatment



Mice Treatment

1. Inspection

One of our experienced technicians will complete a thorough inspection of key activity areas.

2. Treatment

An appropriate treatment for mice will be carried out across multiple visits.

Rodenticide will be laid in suspected mice activity areas.

3. Assessment

The infestation will be monitored and reassessed on each visit. 

Alternative mouse control methods can be used to manage persistent cases.

4. Proofing

To prevent further infestation, internal and external holes can be blocked up to prevent mice from entering your home.


control for businesses

Pest issues can have a huge impact on businesses, and dealing with mice in your business is crucial.

Mice infestations in your business can lead to fewer customers, lowered reputation, and health risks for your employees.

Abal Environmental offer comprehensive pest control packages for businesses that includes free call-outs for rodents and cockroaches.


We now offer a ULV Disinfectant Service that is effective against all bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus

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