Variegated Carpet Beetle (Anthrenusverbasci)

Variegated Carpet Beetles are found commonly throughout Europe and Britain; the adult beetles fly freely feeding on pollen and nectar on flower heads during the summer months. The larvae need a high animal-protein diet and occur naturally in dry birds’ nests. They appear in domestic situations infesting carpets, clothes, animal furs and skins (including stuffed specimens) and are often associated with bird nesting activity in eaves and roof species.

Carpet Beetle Removal

Before treatment can begin, the first step is to trace the source of the infestation such as old birds’ nests in lofts or a rodent nests under floorboards. Where appropriate, treat and remove old nests in lofts and under floorboards with an insecticide dust. Lift and treat underside of carpets, around skirting boards, window frames, pipes from roof spaces and disused fireplaces, and other areas likely to be contaminated by invading adult insects with a residual insecticide.

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