Pharaohs Ant (Monomoriumpharaonis)

The Pharaohs Ant is a species of the tropics and subtropics, probably originating in North Africa or the Mediterranean area. Its first recorded occurrence in Britain was in the early years of the 19th century. It has been found widely throughout the British Isles in suitable warm buildings. It is an indoor species in the UK and is particularly associated with hospitals, prisons and other institutions and increasingly in large urban housing blocks.

Ant Removal

Thorough survey by professional personnel is highly recommended. Pharaohs Ants are most often found in areas near a source of moisture such as a kitchen or bathroom. The use of conventional residual treatments is generally not effective as they may cause the nest to fragment. Baiting may be effective if the active ingredient is slow acting. Good results have been shown by using Juvenile Hormone based treatments. The treatment consists of applying bait to areas frequented by the ants, which works by stopping the ants breading and so they naturally die off. You will usually notice a reduction in the number of ants within 28 days, but it may take longer to kill off all the insects. Although modern treatments are very effective, there are rare occasions when it does not completely work.

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