Norway Rat (Rattusnorvegicus)

Norway rats are large sized rats which are by far the most dominant of the two rat species in the United Kingdom, widely distributed in both urban and rural areas. It is largely a terrestrial burrowing species, with relatively poor climbing skills compared with other species, but it can still, and does, climb when the need and opportunity arises. It lives largely outdoors but will find its way indoors when the environment allows.

Rat Removal

In contrast to mice, Rats tend to have only a few feeding sites and the key to successful control is to ensure there is a good quantity of bait available (sub-lethal doses can affect the level of control which will be achieved longer-term). Whole grain bait is the most commonly used, and active ingredients such as Difenacoum and Bromadialone can be used indoors and out. Rat burrows can be baited directly if safe to do so and trapping and use of gassing compounds such as Aluminium Phosphide (professionally trained operators only) can be used.

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