Indian Meal Moth (Plodiainterpunctella)

Adult moths are about 8 to 10 mm long when at rest and have a wing spread of about 18 to 20 mm. When viewed from above with the wings folded over the back, the outer 1/3 of the wing appears reddish-brown or bronze coloured “at the wing tips” while the inner 2/3 of the wing “at the basal portion” is light grey to ochre-yellow. Also, the head and thorax are reddish-brown and the hind wings are grey. Brown-headed larvae are a dirty white, sometimes tinged pink or green.

Meal Moth Removal

Controlling this pest requires careful inspection of all stored cereal foods, discarding the heavily infested material. Flour dust and other debris in cracks and crevices needs to be cleaned away or vacuumed. Following cleaning, treatment can be carried out using a residual insecticide or ULV for larger infestations or big areas.

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