House Mouse (Musdomesticus)

House mice are small rodents, very common in urban and rural buildings all over Britain. Mainly a house dweller, it lives very little out of doors where it does not compete well with small external mammals like Field Mice. Extremely adaptable the House Mouse is probably, after man, the most numerous mammals on Earth. They are well adapted to living with man and exploiting the environments that man creates. They are therefore almost always found living in close association with man .

House Mouse Removal

As mice feed at numerous places, the key to successful control is to have a large number of baiting points. Baits containing anticoagulants are generally effective, with a variety of formulations available including whole grain, blocks and pastes.

Traps can also be an effective method to quickly reduce large numbers of mice and proofing / housekeeping should be considered to offer a longer term solution.

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