Fruit Flies (Drosphila)

The Fruit Flies family contains over 50 species of flies whose primary common feature involves their liking for fermenting material, preferably of a fruit origin. They will also consume rotting vegetable matter, sour milk, beer or vinegar. Many species live out of doors and can be found feeding on sap exuding from trees and rotting fruit on the ground. They sometimes come indoors when man’s activities produce attractive conditions.

Fruit Fly Removal

Control of Fruit Flies is best achieved by preventing conditions that are conductive to their development. Where localised infestations occur within buildings seek out suitable breeding materials such as fruit juice, rotting vegetables, fruit and other food materials. High risk produce should be stored under cool and dry conditions to reduce the risk of early fermentation. Drains, gullies and all other sources of food residues should be kept clean by frequent washing down. Space sprays based on pyrethrins or synthetic pyrethroids will knock-down and kill adult flies.

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