Feral Pigeon (Columbalivia)

Feral Pigeons are now found in towns and cities all over the world. They may also be found in rural situations e.g. associated with farm buildings. The Feral Pigeon is descended from domesticated strains of the rock dove and the wild breeding population is supplemented by escapees from pigeon lofts and racing pigeons. They have adapted extremely well to life in an urban environment and their dependence on man for food has led to them becoming a serious pest.

Pigeon Removal

Killing can be an option in some circumstances e.g. shooting of individual birds that have entered a factory, or are persistently overcoming proofing. When reducing pigeon numbers in a flock, the population soon recovers due to their ongoing fast reproduction and through immigration from other flocks. Control of food in an area is really the critical factor in determining a population size.

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